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I am Sachin Chauhan from Rishikesh (India).


After studying, I began to study yoga and quickly experienced the beneficial effects to health. Later I studied ayurveda, and I immersed in the learning. During my studies, I met saints whom I learned a lot about religion and humanity. The effects and similarities of ayurveda and yoga are quite fascinating.


After studying, I started working at a yoga ashram in Rishika and other areas of India. Soon after, I got an opportunity to leave India for Hungary to live and work here. At present, I have almost 9 years of experience in this profession, and I have been practicing for 5 years in Hungary. 


Namaste, I am Mahendra Mohan Rawat from Uttarakhand, India. 

I am vegetarian and fully dedicated to the beautiful lifestyle what we call simple living higher thinking. I do practice mantra meditation daily and having deep interest in Vedic philosophy and culture. 

As per my experience western people are always in the hard-working and running mood, in stress, under the pressure of their daily life. Mostly they miss to have the peace from the higher goal of life. But healing is not possible if the mind is in stress or disturbed. 

Ayurveda is precious because it is an insturment to heal the body and mind together.

The base of the ancient Indian culture is service of mankind. In the Hrishikesh Ayurveda we have the sincere desire to serve you.

Thank you

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