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My name's Fruzsina Kovács,

Current Hungarian Assistant and Administrator of Hrishikesh Ayurveda.


Originally I was a French-speaking liberal arts student, but later my attention was focused on holistic medicine. I finished yoga academy in Budapest, ayurvedic massage course, access bar basics and chronobiological course. I was twice in India to learn and develop my knowledge.


During the practice of the various yoga processes, I understood and experienced that our spirit is different from our material body and that the meaning of our life is the service and assistance of others with devotion. That's why I joined the Hrishikesh Ayurveda to pass on my knowledge to others and thus to further develop.

I am Sachin Chauhan from Rishikesh (India).


After studying, I began to study yoga and quickly experienced the beneficial effects to health. Later I studied ayurveda, and I immersed in the learning. During my studies, I met saints whom I learned a lot about religion and humanity. The effects and similarities of ayurveda and yoga are quite fascinating.


After studying, I started working at a yoga ashram in Rishika and other areas of India. Soon after, I got an opportunity to leave India for Hungary to live and work here. At present, I have almost 9 years of experience in this profession, and I have been practicing for 5 years in Hungary. 

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