Abhyanga - a hot oil massage that nourishes the entire body and decrease the effect of aging. It increases circulation, lubricates the joints & limbs, improves sleep, calms the nerves and detoxifies the whole body. 9000 ft  30 euro 1 hour

Synchronised Abhyanga - a four hand massage for 90 min . Two therapist will massage you with synchronised movements.. benefits are same as for abhyanga 14000 ft 45 euro

Udvartana - a massage for metabolic and lifestyle disorders. It applies a mixed powder of herbs rubbed onto your body by the therapist. It helps you to get rid of obesity, diabetes , high blood pressure (hypertension) and some modern day deceases.  9000 ft 30 euro 1 hour

Swedana -  a steam bath that helps you sweating  and helps your body to release the toxins from the tissues.

Bashpa swedana - done by making the patient to sit in the chamber where steam emanates from boiling herbal decoction. 3000 ft 10 euro 15 min

Naadi Swedana - more penetrating type of steam than bhaspa swedana. Given to the whole body, using a tube to apply mainly on joints.  2000 ft 10 euro 15 min

Patra Potli - (Ela Kizhi) or patra pinda sweda is a form of sweat therapy used to provide relief from pain and rejuvenate and strengthen the soft tissues, joints and muscles. It is prepared from herbal ingredients (such as leaves of herbal plants) to induce sweating.

11000 ft 40 euro 1 hour

Shirodhara- shirodhara is a unique and powerful ayurvedic therapy that balance and stAbilize the mind.shirodhara purifies the mind ,alleviAtes anxiety,reduces headaches and expands awareness.  11000 ft 40 euro 1 hour

Nasya - an ayurvedic detoxification therapy which involves application of herbal oil through nostrils. It imProves the health of the sensory organs, lears sinus congestion, removes toxins from the head and neck, provides relief from headache. 4000 ft 20 euro 30 min

Mukha Lepam - a type of ayurvedic facial treatment bringing glow and radiance to the face. Also known for being anti-aging, delaying wrinkles, treats pigmentations and dark spots. 1700 7.500 ft 30 euro 45mins

Back Massage - ayurvedic hot oil massage to help you fix your posture after sitting all day in your office chair. 5000 ft 20 euro 30 min

Head, Neck, Shoulder massage -giving you relief from headache, cures cervical problems and free you from stress for a good and deep sleep. 5000 ft 20 euro 30 min

Stomach correction - a gentle massage on the stomach that helps to get rid of digestion issues, constipation and bloating. 4000 ft 30 min 20 euro

Joint Massage - this massage helps you to get rid of joint pain with vata oil which makes your joints stronger and gives you relief of pain. 10000 ft 1 hour 35 euro

Marma feet massage - wise men say that the personality of an individual is weighed by looking at his feet.  This massage improves the roughness of foot. It strengthens the joints, makes good and accurate vision and helps with sciatica problem. 7000 ft 45 min 25 euro

Navara Kizhi - (rice potli ) Milk is very well known nutrient to us.  Milk processed with herbs and a special type of rice are combined together to be used in an effective massage. This helps you to get rid of pain, inflammation and stiffness of bones and improves the whole neuromuscular system. 11000 ft 1 hour 40 euro

Ksheera Dhara - Milk Dhara. This treatment utilizes luke warm herbal milk. It is beneficial  for vata and pitta headaches, stress, insomnia and anxiety. It cures arthritis problems as well. 11000 ft 1 hour 40 euro

Netra Basti or Netra Tarpana - netra means eye and tarpana means nourishment. It is good for dryness, dirtiness, pain, irritation of the eyes . 5000 ft 20 euro

Basti - helps the circulation in the body region where it is applied. The skin absorbs the oil that nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves. It helps to relive chronic aches,  painful muscle spasms and stiffness . It restores flexibility and activate your chakras as well. 6000 ft 25uro 45 min

Kati Basti- lower back                                                     Prishtha Basti- Upper Back

Siro Basti- Head                                                                  Udar Basti- Stomach

Greeva Basti-Neck                                                             Janu Basti- Knees

Uro Basti- Chest                                                                 Jaghanaa Basti- Hip Joints

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