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Why Samadhi Is Important to Your Health

The Yoga Sutras teach us not only what Samadhi is, but how to get to it. Now you may be asking, what is Samadhi? The Sanskrit word samadhi is made up of two terms, sama meaning equal and even, and adhi meaning to adhere or stick with. When you put them together they mean equal states of consciousness and the joining of all aspects of our being: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. It also means supreme bliss, super consciousness, and enlightenment. I was just talking to an old friend the other day and he told me how he wanted to get healthy again. I told him there is no time like the present to reclaim your health and he asked me, “Are you talking about mental or physical health?” I replied that they are connected and we need to treat our health from all aspects: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.

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